According to boffins at the University of Michigan chimpanzees have evolved more extensively than humans since the two species split from their common ancestor. Comparing the genomes of the two close cousins reveals that more chimp genes have positively evolved than human ones.

“In sharp contrast to common belief, there were more adaptive genetic changes during chimp evolution than during human evolution,” said Jianzhi Zhang, who led the study. And this is likely to be ongoing, so we shouldn't feel too smug about our walking about on two legs, cutting our hair and not wiping our bottoms on the nearest stick or tuft of grass.

Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives - we share 99 per cent of functional genes, and are descended from a common ancestor from seven million years ago.

As long as we don't destroy the environment that these apes are positively evolving in, does that mean that over time chimps will be the ones wearing the trousers, and take over the world as in 'Planet of the Apes'?

You and I will be stuck in Web 2.0 reviewing albums on Apple's iTunes and Amazon, while the Web 4.0 chimps will be developing software that makes it easier for them to tap out the next 'Hamlet' or take a trip to Mars.

But they'll still have horrible-looking bottoms and crooked teeth.