The web is a great communication tool, its links people who would otherwise never meet and lets them discuss topics that interest them through blogs, forums and websites.

But for every conversation that may seem mundane and boring to you, there are people opening up and confessing their deepest, darkest secrets and posting musings, that once upon a time only their diary would have seen.

However, because its on the web, we can all view it. There's something incredibly entertaining, comforting, and pleasurably voyeuristic about witnessing people anonymously pour their hearts out. Face it, aren't just about all of us interested in the secret lives of others?

Are they real?

Of course, there's no way to know whether a particular declaration of guilt or longing by a stranger is true, but that doesn't seem to make much difference. Even if totally made up, some of these little online missives really ring my emotional bell. Other evoke disgust or make me laugh.

Many of the sexual online confessions read a lot like the famous 'Letters to Penthouse' section of the well-known adult magazine. I may be cynical, but I just can't believe that everyone's cousin or sister asks them to take off their pants.

Note: Most of these sites require you to provide at least an email address and a password before you can post confessions or apologies. Nothing is required to read posted material, though several sites will hassle you constantly to register as you peruse their contents.

A smorgasbord of wimpy complainers

Let's start with my favourite, Group Hug. I'm a softy, and I like this site because it usually lets visitors send a virtual hug to someone. Regrettably, that function isn't working right now.

GroupHug thoughtfully defines 'confess' for users: "To make confession; to disclose sins or faults, or the state of the conscience" and goes on to plead: "the confession should be about you, it should be interesting. Do not use names. Do not respond to other confessions here. It's not a message board. Group Hug!".

On this site you can read the latest confessions, try your luck with a random choice, or search on topics that especially interest you (sex, work, hurt, cry, etc.) It doesn't have to be important.

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