Queen frontman Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991 at age 45. Since the, he's been fondly remembered for his music, memorable stage persona, legendary style, and--of course--his ever-present mustache. Google is commemorating Mercury's life through a special video doodle, which over the course of 98 seconds shows the singer on stage, dancing with a vacuum cleaner, flying on a tiger, and sitting on a throne--all to the backing of Queen's 1978 hit Don't Stop Me Now.

To further commemorate Freddie, we thought we'd show you how you can have a little tribute all of your own--with mustaches!

The highly amusing Mustachio plug-in for Google Chrome adds a mustache to any online image--with some comical results. Moustachio works by utilizing a face recognition API from Face.com. The API scans the webpage you currently have open, and when a face is found, one of several styled-mustaches will be added to the image.

Currently more than 3000 people have installed the quirky free-to-use add-on; given the increase in users. the developer has had to scale back the functionality: To help reduce server load, the plug-in will now only work with images larger than 300 by 150 pixels.

If you find that Mustachio isn't working for you, believe it or not, an alternative-plug in is available in the form of (wait for it...) Must Stache.

Although not created with Mercury specifically in mind, these mustache plug-ins are one unique way to celebrate the man's life. If you give them a try, let us know in the comments.

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