A bunch of privileged schoolboys from Glenalmond College in Perthshire have filmed themselves 'hunting' a group of their friends, dressed up as working-class 'chavs', and the video has ended up on the internet. Quelle surprise.

The video, which has been posted on social-networking site Bebo and can be viewed here, shows the braying funnymen toasting one another with champagne before chasing their quarry - friends dressed in satirical trackie bottoms and Burberry baseball caps - on horseback.

They also go fishing for chavs and shoot chavs with guns, which just seems to be an excuse to leap around pretending to be killed - an occupation which has diverted schoolboys since Shakespeare was in short breeches. These hi-jinks are largely conducted on the extensive grounds of their bucolic public school.

bebo chav hunting

Local MSP Roseanna Cunningham has criticised the video. "Doubtless it is intended as humour and irony but it comes across as brash, crass and arrogant," she said. "Is that really what their parents are paying for when they send their privileged offspring to an exclusive school like Glenalmond?"

Well, presumably not. Whatever they're paying £23,000 a year for, it's not internet comedy film-making.

[Via Metro]