The BBC has added a new version of its iPlayer on-demand TV viewing service. CBBC iPlayer is aimed at younger TV viewers and provides catch-up TV content suitable for six to 12-year-olds.

Programmes are accessed at the CBBC website or the main BBC iPlayer website and can be streamed over the web or downloaded to watch later.

CBBC iPlayer According to The Press Association, programmes on offer include Blue Peter, the Sarah Jane Adventures and MI High. As with the main BBC iPlayer service, all programmes will be available as a catch-up service for a week after they are first broadcast, with all episodes of a series also being available for the series duration.

The CBBC service will operate alongside the standard iPlayer service but will restrict access to content designed for older viewers. A Parental Guidance Lock will also allow parents to prevent access to programmes they don't want their children to view by adding a password to it.

Downloaded programmes can be viewed as many times as the viewer wishes for a week-long period, but expire after a month.

A Childwise survey of 1,000 school-age children found that 76 percent have access to the internet at home and 36 percent have their own PC or laptop.

Richard Deverell, controller of CBBC, said: "The iPlayer for CBBC is central to fulfilling our ambitions as it enables us to provide programmes for children whenever they want to see them - not just when we choose to schedule them.