Bill Cowap writes: "I have been using Outlook for several years, but now I can't send emails, although I can still receive them. The error I get is '0x800CCC69'. My ISP says it may be my firewall settings, but offers no help as to what the settings should be."

The fix
The problem is unlikely to be your firewall settings, Bill. The error code you mention usually occurs when an email is rejected by the outgoing server for a specific reason.

Without more details of the error, I can't say what that reason might be, but it might be an invalid address. It's quite likely that the message causing the problem is stuck in your Outbox.

If you delete the contents of your Outbox, or at least the oldest message – which is probably the one Outlook will try to send first – this may resolve the problem. If not, you'll need to look in more detail at the error message, and get back to me.

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