As many as 10 million homes will get access to super-fast, fibre-based broadband by 2012 following a £1.5bn investment from BT that will give some customers speeds of up to 100Mb/sec, the company claims.

The telecom giant announced today that the fibre service – which is already available to more than 120,000 businesses – could eventually allow customers to access the web at 1,000Mb/sec, a move it claimed would propel in the UK into the "world super league for broadband speeds".

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Fibre-based broadband will allow different members of a family to watch multiple high definition movies simultaneously, while others could play online games or download music files, the company said. As well as boosting download speeds, fibre-based broadband will significantly increase upstream speeds, meaning customers will be able to post videos more quickly.

"This is a bold step by BT and we need others to be just as bold," said BT chief executive Ian Livingston. "We are keen to partner with people who share our vision for the next phase of the broadband revolution. We want to work with local and regional bodies to decide where and when we should focus the deployment. Our aim is that urban and rural areas alike will benefit from our investment.”

As well as offering the high-speed service itself, BT will make fibre-broadband available to its wholesale customers, meaning there will be competition for the new service among UK ISPs.

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