BT has launched a new service that can recommend restaurants, shops or things to do for Londoners using the BT Openzone Wi-Fi service.

Once users have registered their favourite foods, shops or activities with BT MyPlace, they can log onto the service for free from any BT Openzone Wi-Fi connection in Central London and the West End. BT MyPlace, which is being run in partnership with io global, will then recommend places to eat and visit based on their preferences and location.

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Dubbed a 'pocket concierge' by BT, the MyPlace service has content from TimeOut, Love Theatre, Kodak and even Westminster City Council. The service will be running for a trial period of six months, which will allow BT to gauge how popular it is with Londoners.

"This service will not only help people find their way around our city but also direct them towards local businesses that they otherwise would not have known about," said Leader of Westminster Council, Colin Barrow.

"Unlike a classic city guide, BT MyPlace is personalised to your interests and location," added Chris Bruce, general manager, BT Openzone.

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