BT is to bring forward its trial of next-generation fibre-optic broadband in Glasgow. Up to 40Mbps broadband will now be offered from the autumn. 

The ISP is currently testing a super-fast broadband service, which offers users speeds of up to 40Mbps, in Muswell Hill in London and Whitchurch in Cardiff. It planned to extend the trial to other areas of the UK, including Scotland next year.

However, complaints from Muswell Hill residents over the cabinets that house the fibre cables has encouraged BT to concentrate its efforts on the Scottish trial.

A BT spokesperson told ZDNet UK: "Glasgow is being brought forward as a result of some of the issues that we're experiencing in Muswell Hill."

The ISP said it was building 56 new street cabinets and laying 30 miles of cable in preparation for the trial, which will give 15,500 homes and businesses in the Hillington, Cardonald and Crookston areas of Glasgow access to the 40Mbps service.

"The race to get super-fast broadband into Glasgow is well and truly underway. The accelerator is flat to the floor," said Bob Downes, BT Openreach director for Scotland.

Broadband speed test

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