PC Advisor readers have given IE (Internet Explorer) the bum's rush and have crowned Firefox the king of web browsers.

The Mozilla Foundation's open-source Firefox browser, which reportedly has a market share of around 27.5 percent, was favoured by a massive 44.9 percent of respondents to our recent online poll, beating Microsoft's IE (global share: 62.5 percent) by around 3 percent.


The two browsers appear to have the market pretty much locked up, with competing programs totalling just 13.5 percent. The Safari Mac browser - which this member of the PCA team used until a recent Damascene conversion to Firefox - was foremost among these with 5.5 percent.


The findings suggest that visitors to this website are more willing than the general populace to break away from the herd and try something new. That our readers are more technically adept and thus better able to take advantage of Firefox's noted customisability. Or that IE kept crashing when Microsoft loyalists tried to vote.

Another point to consider is that we asked which browser our readers use most. So, while IE fans would stereotypically stick to that often-derided product with the tenacity of Newcastle United supporters (and give IE the advantage in page impressions), Firefox is felt to be more popular among the IT-savvy multiple-browser brigade, who switch their allegiance depending on circumstances. A bit like Man Utd fans.

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