PC Advisor is pleased to announce that this year’s Home Broadband Survey is now live. The annual questionnaire asks readers to report on their home broadband service provider and how well the ISP in question is living up to their expectations. The results are used to assess how well customers are being served by broadband providers as a whole and how well individual ISPs are performing. The ISPs that get the best reports from readers earn PC Advisor awards. 

PC Advisor has run a broadband survey for the past seven years and, using its findings, has reported on the changing internet connection landscape. The survey asks participants to provide details of how long they have been with their current broadband provider, how much they pay for their monthly subscription and whether the connection speed enjoyed is in line with the bandwidth promised. With better backing from Ofcom, customers are now in a stronger position than ever before to take their ISP to task over inadequate connection speeds and broken promises and are no longer tied in to lengthy contracts with poorly-performing providers.

Making the switch to an alternative broadband provider is also easier than it used to be, thanks to swift migration processes. PC Advisor’s Home Broadband Survey is therefore invaluable in helping readers make an informed choice about which ISP to switch allegiance to.

To take part in this year’s survey, head to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JDCC98H. Participants get the chance to measure their current web connection speed and are automatically entered into a draw to win £100 of Amazon vouchers or one of several tech-related prizes. 

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