Over three-quarters of home buyers believe broadband speeds achieved in properties should be listed by estate agents, says Broadband Expert.

According to the comparison website, renters also want broadband speeds included in the details supplied by letting agencies, with 77 percent of renters saying they would think twice about considering a property that had poor broadband coverage.

Broadband Expert also surveyed estate agents on their views regarding broadband speed.

Nearly half (47 percent) said they had been asked about broadband speed by clients viewing properties while 23 percent admitted they had experience a buyer pulling out of a sale because it was located in a poor broadband area.

A further 55 percent revealed they thought the information should be included in Home Information Packs (HIPs) which must now accompany all properties when sold.

"The internet has become such a vital part of people's work and home lifestyles, why shouldn't broadband speed be advertised up front in the buying process?" said Rob Webber, commercial director at Broadband Expert.

"By definition, Home Information Packs are designed to give consumers a clear, up front picture of what they are buying. Why not include information about broadband speed." Webber added.

Mike Ockenden, director general of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers agreed.

"In today's hi-tech world in which many people work from home broadband speed is an important piece of information that should be disclosed and could be included in a HIP."

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