ISPs could soon be advertising average speeds rather than headline speeds, says Top 10 Broadband.

The broadband comparison website says it has seen a huge increase in web users looking to test their broadband speed since Ofcom revealed that average broadband speeds are just 57 percent of those advertised by ISPs.

The website predicts that ISPs will have to change their advertising methods to placate customers. It also said ISPs could promise two speeds: one for rural locations, where connections are typically slower, and one for urban areas.

Jessica McArdle, marketing manager of Top 10 Broadband, said: "The disparity between actual and advertised broadband speeds could be eradicated in coming years if only average speeds were made available.

"Consumers deserve to know what they're buying so they make an informed decision. We think it's inevitable that provision of average speeds by suppliers will be standard within the next few years."

Broadband speed test

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