Broadband provision in the UK continues to get a bad rap, as yet another Ofcom report into the gulf between promised connection speeds and those experienced proves. But preliminary results from PC Advisor's annual home broadband survey suggests most users are pretty happy with their ISP (internet service provider).

While not being able to get a connection as fast as the theoretical maximum suggested by their ISP, few consumers are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and actually switch to another provider.

Of the 5,000+ respondents to the PC Advisor broadband survey 2009, only 38 percent are using a different broadband service provider than they were two years ago while almost a quarter of consumers say they haven't changed provider in more than five years.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a fast connection ranks second only to price as the main criterion when choosing a broadband provider.

So why aren't people making the switch? For all the talk of broadband speeds not delivering what the marketing spiel promises, 17 percent of survey respondents said they don't bother to check whether they're getting what they pay for.

And while that smacks of apathy, it seems most people (78.8%) say they are happy or very happy with their current provider would happily recommend their ISP to a friend.

Don't agree with our findings? Have your say in PC Advisor's broadband survey. Entries close tomorrow (31 July) at 5pm). You can check your connection speed as part of the survey.