Over a million Brits have wasted around six hours setting up or dealing with problems connected to their broadband service, reports O2 broadband.

In a survey conducted on behalf of the ISP to discover how happy UK broadband users are with their service, one in eight said that their service was so bad they will be looking to change providers in the next three to six months.

Of those questioned, 25 percent identified connection speeds as their biggest frustration. Poor customer service was next with 20 percent experiencing difficulty getting through to their provider and of those that did, over half were subject to a premium rate telephone number. One in five also highlighted they had to contact their service provider at least three times to resolve problems.

"It's clear from this research that UK broadband customers have low overall satisfaction and are not having an easy ride when it comes to set up, maintenance and customer support of their service," said Sally Cowdry, marketing director, O2 UK.