The UK is the nation in Europe most likely to favour web-based storage, says

Research by the web hosting firm of 272 Europeans revealed 63 percent of Brits use cloud-based storage regularly, which is higher than the European average of 40 percent.

Furthermore, security was the most important criteria that European respondents expect from an online storage provider, with two thirds naming it as their top priority. Good price and value for money came second with 19 percent and 24-hour customer support was cited by seven percent.

Pictures were named the most popular files to be stored online, with 68 percent admitting to stashing their digital memories in the cloud, while work documents came second, named by half the respondents and personal documents came third cited by 44 percent. Video files were deemed less important with less than three in ten Europeans saying they store these files in web –based storage services. However, the UK this figure was higher at 42 percent.

Four in ten Europeans that don't use web-based storage services admitted it was down to concerns data might not be protected, while 22 percent said online storage is simply too expensive while one in ten worries about the amount of space available. Five percent of all European also admitted the concept of cloud computing is too difficult to understand

"A few years ago we witnessed a different picture, with only a few important work and private files stored in personal clouds. Nowadays sophisticated web services with built-in data encryption and password protection for files and folders offer a safe and secure location for online document storage," said Thomas Medard Frederiksen, COO at

"For us, security and privacy go hand in hand. We ensure that our customers' data is kept safe with online backup, synchronization and recovery of previous file versions. Our customers have full control and can choose whether to encrypt their data and at what level, to ensure that sensitive information can't fall into the wrong hands. We promise customers that their data is stored safely and belongs to them."