A plan to offer the residents of Bournemouth 100Mbps net connections using fibre cables laid in the city's sewer system has been dumped.

Wessex Waters, which controls Bournemouth's sewerage systems, said it had run into contractual problems with the i3 Group, the parent company of Fibrecity – the firm laying the fibre cables.

The i3 Group will now have to install its fibre network by digging up pavements and roads.

Ian Drury, from Wessex Waters, told ZDNet: "We would certainly look at other proposals should they arise, if the terms and conditions are right for us. We haven't ruled out putting fibre optic cables in sewers".

However, the I3 Group told PC Pro it thought Wessex Water "has been short sighted in putting commercial demands above the opportunity to provide a low-cost fibre optic network that will deliver superfast broadband to their own customers".

"When we announced Fibrecity Bournemouth, it was with the permission of Wessex Water to utilise the pipes where appropriate, therefore keeping disruption to residents and businesses to a minimum," Elfed Thomas, CEO of i3 Group, said.

"During the rollout, contractual issues have meant that we have had to find alternative means to deliver Fibrecity Bournemouth. It is disappointing that Wessex Water's approach to this matter has been responsible for any delays of the network roll-out to date."

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