The first homes in the UK to get 100Mbps broadband access will be connected by March, says H2O.

H20_Fibrecity H2O is installing fibre cables into the existing sewer system in Bournemouth, as part of its 'Fibrecity' project to provide towns in England and Scotland with super-fast broadband. According to H2O, the cables will allow users to enjoy on-demand HDTV, download DVD-quality films in minutes and take part in HD gaming services, using a 4in box attached to the front of the house, connected with the fibre cables.

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The 30 homes participating in the trial will initially receive a free broadband connection while engineers roll-out the service to the whole city. However, once the engineers leave, it is thought anyone using the service will be expected to pay in the region of £400 per year.

Over 5,000 businesses and homes in the area have registered their interest in connecting to the service once it is available.

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