Bournemouth has been revealed at the first location in the UK that will receive 100Mbps broadband through the existing sewer system.

H2O is installing the sewer-based fibre cables, which will provide super-fast broadband capable of receiving on-demand HDTV, downloading DVD-quality films in minutes and taking part in HD gaming services, to some 88,000 homes in the area. Web users will be given access to the super-fast connection through a 4in box which will be attached to the front of the house.

Work will begin on the scheme, which is thought to be the largest of its kind in the UK, within the next six months.

"Many households and broadband customers in the UK have insufficient connectivity bandwidths because they are attached to legacy networks deployed in the 20th century," commented H20 chief executive Elfed Thomas.

BT is also installing a 100Mbps broadband network in 10,000 new homes in Ebbsfleet, Kent, but the service is not expected to be completed until 2020.

There have been concerns that the web may be close to collapse as the demand for video streaming increases. Fibre cables will be able to cope with the demand but the cost of upgrading the network will run into millions. UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom is currently investigating the most efficient and cost effective way to implement an upgrade .

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