Under 4'5"? Not yet seen your twelfth birthday? I've got some bad news for you.

You might want to sit down. No, not there, that seat's for grown-ups. You'll have to sit in this special chair. Because as of today, if you're a pre-teen, you have to sit in a specially made booster seat as opposed to the standard seats that come bundled in nearly all cars.

As if being driven around by your dad in his beige Rover (it's nearly two years old! It's ancient! You look like a taxi driver!) wasn't bad enough – and what's worse your little brother called shotgun before you so you have to sit in the back – now you've got to strap yourself into a baby seat.

This might not seem too big a deal to adults. However, I am reliably informed by a child in the persecuted age group that this is, in fact, the end of the world. It's going to be so embarrassing when your friends see you being chauffeured by, eyes bloodshot and bottom lip still aquiver from the pre-car ride tantrum (I'm not sitting in that thing! It's so unfair!).

However, daddy won't let you get in the car if you're not in the special chair, because he'll get a £30 on-the-spot fine if you don't comply with the new laws. And that'll mean no top-ups for your mobile phone for a little while...