Bing, Microsoft's search engine that was launched in May to replace the company's Live Search brand, has increased its market share by 2.1 percent since July and now has 10.7 percent, says Nielsen.

The market research company revealed the increase in popularity made Bing the fastest growing search engine in the top 10 list.
Despite the strong growth, Bing still lags far behind Google, long the dominant search engine.

In a report released this week, Nielsen said that Google holds 64.6 percent of the search market this month, up 2.6 percent from July. Yahoo Search came in a distant second with 16 percent of the market in August, 4.2 percent less than it had in July.

Microsoft has been busy beefing up Bing in the hopes that it can eventually give Google a run for its money.

Earlier this week, the Microsoft released a beta version of Visual Search tool, which is designed to let Bing users search through galleries of images instead of mainly text. The Visual Search tool was met with applause from some analysts.

Microsoft has also signed an agreement with Yahoo that is also aimed at weakening Google 's hold on the search market. The proposed alliance - which still must pass antitrust muster - could give the two companies some much-needed leverage in their ongoing battle against Google.

The agreement calls for Bing to power Yahoo's websites while Yahoo sells premium search advertising services for both companies.

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