Beats Music was singing the Obamacare Site blues this week as its servers were overcome and it could not sign up new users. Actually, it was able to register users for the free trial, but that's all. It could not then turn on the service for those users. 

The company says it will slowly turn on the service for those who signed up, meanwhile making sure that the service is working smoothly for those that did get in. 

To atone for its sins, Beats says it will double the trial period from one week to two weeks for anybody who signs up for the service this week. 

Here it is in the words of Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers, sent in a note to users and would-be users Thursday: 

Beats Music will compete with Spotify, Google Play Music All Access and Rdio in the on-demand subscription music space. The service will have a tough fight for market share in the long term (especially if a rumored YouTube music service shows up).

But Beats may be helped by the popularity of its headphones, and by the fact that it's perhaps the first major music service built from the ground up for use on mobile devices. 

Our reviewer Chris Breen gave the new service high marks after his hands-on on Tuesday.