BE Broadband has made its home telephone service available to Brits for the first time.

The service, which was announced in May and then trialled by a number of the ISP's existing customers in July, offers a basic landline for £9.50 per month, which is slightly less than BT's standard landline charge.

Users can also add free calls to landlines at weekends and after 6pm during the evening for £1 per month more. Alternatively, £4 per month will get you free calls to UK landlines, landlines in 22 countries across the globe and mobiles in the USA and Canada.

"Our members really value the premium quality of our broadband product, so offering a landline connection just made sense," said Alinna Chung, Product Manager at BE Broadband.

"Members will have peace of mind that they'll get the same quality service from us as well as the benefit of a single monthly bill. We've kept costs down by giving our members control of the service: no excessively long contracts, no automatic contract renewals, and no unnecessary bundling of features that manifests as hidden costs to the customer."

To sign-up for the telephone service, visit BE's dedicated web page.

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