Following in the footsteps of Virgin Media, which yesterday announced a 50Mbps broadband service, Be Broadband has revealed it's has successfully completed trials achieving similar speeds.

The ISP, which already offers a broadband service with speeds of up to 24Mbps, claims that it can 'bond' two high-speed connections together, effectively doubling the current download rate.

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The trial took place with customers using the London Paddington exchange and Be Broadband revealed that those trialling the service achieved between 30Mbps and 45Mbps.

Felix Geyr, managing director of Be Broadband, said: "We want to push the limits of high-speed broadband. We already offer the fastest possible broadband on an ADSL line, but we want to take it a step further. If you want broadband around the 50Mb mark but don't want to go the cable route, Be wants to offer you a real alternative".

The ISP said further trials are planned for 2009.

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