Next time you're about to hit 'send' on an email message, stop and think. Clapham-based gym trainer and self-styled 'life coach' Peter Sullivan certainly will. He's become the toast of bored office workers throughout the world after an email he sent in the hopes of soliciting a date went badly awry.

Mr Sullivan's email directed his intended toward his personal website - Now, I'm no expert in chasing ladies of the female persuasion, but instinct tells me that no matter how flat your stomach, women are not, in general, impressed by posed pictures of men in cowboy hats, astride a motorcycle or, er, carrying a power tool - which is what the site contains. (Personally I stopped doing stunts on my Grifter outside girls' houses the day I could afford a Ford Escort with blacked out windows and a kick-ass stereo.)

Certainly Lucy Holland - the email's original recipient - remained cold to Mr Sullivan's 1980s Athena-poster charms. She forwarded the offending message to a friend, who in turn passed it on. And on. And on. Until was getting 20,000 hits a day. Not bad for a page or two of greasy posing and some dodgy life-coaching quotes.

To his credit Mr Sullivan has taken his 'celebrity' in good heart, thanking his fans for their kind words and saying "God bless the internet!"

He has, however, removed much of the home-spun philosophy from his site (sample quote: "remove your dark sunglasses of perception") and now displays only his favourite pouty photos.

Ever since once sending a less than professional message to every single member of staff at the Press Association, I've followed a single golden rule. If you wouldn't want your mum to read it, don't send it. This wouldn't have saved Mr Sullivan, however, as he claims his site was "only intended for close friends and family". The mind simply boggles.