Following the sale of one of his artworks for over £200,000 on Internet auction site eBay mysterious street artist Banksy appears to be striking back – by destroying all his own urban art.

At least two of Banksy's iconic stencil works have been covered by a strip of rollered paint covering the main parts. Next to the ruined art are the words "All the Best" in blood red and classic Banksy style.

Clerkenwell Bansky no more

On Clerkenwell's Rosebery Avenue Banksy's "Cash Machine Grab" image of a young girl being snatched by a cash machine has been semi painted over with the cryptic "All the Best" still visible after the wall owner boarded it up – presumably in the hope it could still be sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In Highbury, Banksy's "Gallery Attendant" has suffered a similar fate, with a roller of cream pain and the stencilled "All the Best" signature.

Highbury Banksy defaced

Are greed and eBay to blame for London losing its iconic street artworks?