Ever wonder what happened to the wacky characters on TV's 'The Apprentice' after the cameras stopped rolling? Oh.

Well, we're going to tell you anyway.

Apparently, Ruth 'The Badger' Badger – whose press releases refer to her as "the nation's favourite Apprentice", which is obviously wrong since a) she lost to Michelle and b) everyone preferred Syed anyway – has set up her own consultancy. Or something like that; we're a bit sketchy on the details.

Why the interest, PC Advisor blog? Glad you asked. In some sort of soulless corporate tie-in, The Badge is recording the ups and downs of her fledgling career on the internet for Panasonic (a company that makes computers and sundry consumer electricals – do try to keep up).

We were hoping for more of the superb blame-dodging and self-satisfied gurning demonstrated on the telly, but most of her online diary, sadly, seems to consist of her quacking about how good her sponsor's products are. Let's be fair, though: she plans to put two ruggedised laptops to her patented Whether It Can Stand Up To The Life Of The Badger test, and we all know how challenging that is. I mean, woo! The Badger lives a ker-azy life, and you've got to be pretty mad and/or ruggedised to keep up!


We obviously took against El Badgerino from the day she knocked cartoon villain Syed off our screens, so you'll have to forgive a certain amount of bias in our 'reporting'. But this is obviously a step too far. It's not just the corporate message, the smug cheeriness, the I'm-mad-me self-given nickname. Her use of hyphens is atrocious.