When Audiobooks.com launched a year ago, the service's distinguishing factor was that it provided unlimited audiobook listening for a flat $25 monthly fee. On Monday, the company changed course and switched to a two-tier pricing model for a specific number of books.

Audiobooks.com now charges $15 a month for one audiobook from its 25,000-plus book catalog, or $23 a month for two books. Those prices just happen to coincide exactly with what Audible.com charges, although the Amazon-owned Audible service offers nearly four times as many titles. (And like with Audible.com, you can purchase books a la carte, although the Audiobooks.com site doesn't make it easy to find out much about how that works.)

Alongside the change, the company said that its research indicated most people only listen to one or two books a month, so its new pricing model opens the door for more customers.

The service works with Macs and PCs via a Web browser for streaming, or more recently with iOS and Android devices as well that support downloading.

To entice new customers, Audiobooks.com has set up a seven-day free trial with access to one book. If you don't cancel within those seven days, however, the monthly subscription option you chose at signup kicks in.