AOL has launched SafeSocial, a new tool that allows parents to monitor their children's activities on social networks.

The tool will alert parents if any irregular or concerning behaviour takes place, for example if inappropriate content has been posted on the profile page. It also offers an easy-to-read 'report card' that details all the child's activity across the various social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter and allows parents to review photos that have been uploaded by their child and pictures in which they have been tagged.

"We are offering parents a product that monitors their teen's social media activity without being overly intrusive or invasive. SafeSocial helps parents to keep their children safe online by taking an across-the-board look at their child's friends, connecting the dots and identifying any red flags," said AOL's head of online safety and security, John Ryan.

AOL also said SafeSocial encourages positive dialogue between parents and children about staying safe and managing reputations online. It also requires consent from the child before monitoring to begin, which according to the firm, provides an effective and non-invasive way of observing activity online, without requiring parents to sign-up to the social network themselves and befriend their child.

Safe Social is priced at £6.99 per month, although a 30-day free trial is also available. AOL Broadband users who purchase SafeSocial will be able to use their existing sign-in credentials to access the service.

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