Whether or not you've been caught up in the hype surrounding one of the most-used computing buzzwords of 2006 - Web 2.0 - one thing is for sure: the way you use the internet will change dramatically during 2007 and beyond.

Until now, the web's most common method of interaction has been the tried-and-trusted link: 'click here and we'll show you a different page'. But the future of online will be fast, two-way communication, the roots of which are beginning to take hold. New technologies will soon give us speedy, uninterrupted access to the web anywhere we wander.

Innovative web applications will allow you to access information anywhere and work seamlessly with colleagues around the globe.

What's more, you'll gain more power online. Rather than simply reading the news, you'll be able to go out and uncover stories of your own. And new sites and services will offer information targeted to your needs, rendering cookie-cutter sites obsolete.

But how do we get there? For now you'll still have to click on the links below, where we look at the broadband technologies that will encourage you to use the high-speed web wherever you are, the web-based applications that could usurp your favourite software products and the futuristic content creation and sharing services that are already changing the way you use the net.

The future of WiMax

Superfast landlines

Savvier search tools

Web-based applications

User-generated content

What could go wrong?