Human rights group Amnesty International today launched a campaign, called Unsubscribe, aimed at highlighting human rights abuses in the war on terror. And Amnesty believes that social-networking websites could prove vital in the battle to protect human rights.

Kate Allen, the director of Amnesty International UK, said: "Unsubscribe will engage with the millions of people who passionately believe in the right to a fair trial and the right not to be tortured.

"Unsubscribe is about rejecting the false choice between terrorism on the one hand and abuse of human rights on the other."

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Bebo is supporting Amnesty's Unsubscribe campaign. Bebo president Joanna Shields said: "The Unsubscribe campaign really speaks the language of Bebo. We are all about people coming together to explore ideas and share their passions and to make a positive impact - key aspects of Amnesty's new campaign."

This isn't the first time Amnesty has used the internet to get its message across. Last year it launched, a website which highlights loss of freedom of speech online.

Amnesty believes that it's social-networking campaign can achieve more than more organic online action, such has the recent Facebook group protesting the current situation in Burma.