Disgruntled fans of the New Zealand rugby team have set up a Bebo group to express their anger at Wayne Barnes, the English referee who officiated their side's quarter-final defeat to World Cup hosts France.

The 'We Hate Wayne Barnes' group on the social-networking site, which has reportedly garnered several hundred members since the thrilling upset last weekend, contains calls for the young ref to be hanged "so we can see him p**s his pants when he's shaking in mid air", shot by a sniper, thrown into a lion's den and killed in a car fire - although it should be stressed that many of the members of the group choose to focus more on their own team's shortcomings.

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Much of the anger stems from key and contentious decisions made by Barnes - the harsh sending-off of Luke McAlister, a missed forward pass in the build-up to France's winning try and several apparent French off-sides that went unpunished near the end of the match. A sample of more official All Blacks thoughts on Barnes' performance can be read here.

One theory doing the rounds is that the English whistleblower wanted France to win so that the England team wouldn't have to play the All Blacks in their semi-final, a theory that's obviously tawdry and laughable. Yet English sports fans are not in a position to feel too superior. Football referee Anders Frisk famously retired prematurely in 2005 following repeated death threats from Chelsea fans and a number of outlandish accusations from Jose Mourinho.

[Via The Guardian.]