Big Blue is teaming with The Anomalies Network to offer 'UFO Crawler', a search engine specifically tuned to search for information about the paranormal, unexplained or bizarre. An online X-Files, if you like. The search tool employs IBM's OmniFind Yahoo! Edition enterprise search software.

UFO Crawler should help users target and gather information from relevant sources. These include the thousands of documents and files collected in the vast Anomalies Network archive, as well as multiple resources across the web on topics such as ghosts, conspiracy theories and extraterrestrials, the companies said in a statement.

The companies hope to tap a growing interest in UFOs and all things odd.

The 10-year old Anomalies Network touts itself as the world's largest alternative information source. In addition to launching UFO Crawler, it's also introducing numerous site enhancements for better collaboration among users. Those enhancements include new content and features to help more users contribute and collaborate, and share information based on their interests.

According to a press release, the site will feature a new, user-driven search and RSS subscriptions, as well as account access that will let users customize and view only information of interest to them.