AlertMe has unveiled a new service that lets Brits monitor their home energy usage from any PC with web access.

AlertMe Energy comprises a meter reader that clips onto your electricity meter and a hub that plugs into your broadband connection. Users can then access their online dashboard from anywhere in the world providing they have internet access.

"Many consumers feel they can't protect themselves from rising energy costs or do anything to stop climate change. AlertMe Energy gives consumers the power to monitor, control, and reduce the energy they use, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint," said Pilgrim Beart, founder and CEO, AlertMe.

AlertMe has also joined forces with Google PowerMeter to ensure users can access their home's data through Google PowerMeter and the iGoogle homepage, as well as the AlertMe online dashboard.

AlertMe says the service can be further enhanced by adding SmartPlugs that automatically measure and control individual appliances. This allows users greater control over the energy consumption in their home.

AlertMe Energy is available from or British Gas for £69 plus £2.99 per month for the online service or a one-off annual payment of £99.

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