Hong Kong continues to the number one when it comes to the average peak Internet connection speed in Q4 2012, according to Akamai's State of the Internet Report.

The quarterly report provides insights into the global Internet statistics through the Akamai Intelligent Platform, which connected nearly 700 million unique IP addresses from 240 countries in Q4 2012. The report indicates that the average peak connection speed in Hong Kong during the period was 57.5Mbp, followed by South Korea (49.3 Mbps) and Japan (44.8 Mbps). The global average peak connection was only 16.6Mbps.

"Hong Kong remained far and away the Asia Pacific country/region with the highest average peak connection speed," stated the report.

But the SAR is behind the global average in the growth of connection speed. The city recorded a 25% y-o-y growth in the average peak Internet connection speed, slower than the global average of 35%.

Japan and South Korea -- at 14Mbps -- are the fastest when it comes to average speed, compared to Hong Kong's 9.3Mbps that puts the SAR in the third place in the region.

DDoS attacks grew by 200%

Akamai also tracks attack traffic in 177 unique countries or regions during the period. According to the same report, China maintains its position as the single largest source of attack traffic at 41% of the total, up from 33% in the prior quarter. The US retains its number two spot, contributing 13% of the attack traffic.

The report adds that there were 768 DDoS attacks throughout 2012, up more than 200% from 2011.

"These attacks were reported by 413 unique organizations, indicating that many organizations were targeted more than once--some significantly more," the report says.