Google is now allowing advertisers to work with approved third parties to track their ads across the Google content network.

Until now, advertisers could only track their ads through Google's AdWords reports. According to Rajas Moonka, a senior business product manager at Google, the new feature, which is currently only available in North America, gives advertisers more options, flexibility and control over their campaigns.

Ad servers, rich media ad agencies and research firms can now go through a certification process to make sure their ads comply with Google's standards using approved third parties including DoubleClick, Mediaplex, Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, Interpolls, PointRoll and Unicast with more to be added in the future.

Google's content network includes hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs that partner with Google to display targeted AdWords ads.

Moonka said in a blog: "Advertisers and agencies will now be able to manage their Google content network campaigns with the same systems they use for other online campaigns, which is helpful for determining the effectiveness of their online advertising mix."

"Further, this new service gives advertisers and agencies more opportunities to increase their return on investment and reach new audiences in informed and creative ways. The response from those testing early versions of the program have been positive," he added.

Moonka said the program offers website publishers a way to expand their advertiser base to increase revenue.