Adobe’s web-based video-editing technology will be delivered online when it’s integrated into the free image and video-hosting service, Photobucket.

Adobe’s web-based video editor will launch directly in the browser on the Photobucket website and allow users free and direct access to video-editing tools to perform a variety of operations such as dragging and dropping music, effects, titles and transitions to videos. It will be delivered as a lightweight Adobe Flash application and will therefore be accessible to more than 700 million computers that support Flash Player software.

Adobe is expected to announce further partnerships with other internet companies in the coming months. The deals are expected to be driven by advertising revenue and by offering customers simple ways to upgrade their Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software.

“We aim to simplify the powerful editing and compositing capabilities…so that anyone can post eye-catching compositions online,” said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe. The company believes that making Photobucket Adobe powered will “radically change the user experience”.

The new video-editing capabilities in Photobucket will first be available to Photobucket Pro users via limited public beta. The site’s entire user base of 35 million will then be able to experience it for free by early March.