Adobe has released the latest version of its ColdFusion tool for building dynamic websites and internet applications.

The company says the focus of Coldfusion 8 has been to increase developer productivity and to make the software integrate with complex enterprise environments.

Adobe also confirmed that over 14,000 developers have taken part in the ColdFusion public beta test, which launched in May.

There's a variety of new features, including ColdFusion 8 Server Monitor which lets developers swiftly identify bottlenecks and tune the server for better performance.

"The server monitoring capabilities in ColdFusion 8 are outstanding, offering granular-level access to identify slow requests and terminate runaway processes," said Nick Walters, programming manager, Lightyear Network Solutions.

The software integrates with other Adobe technologies, including Flex, PDF, and more. It uses Ajax-based components, enabling developers to design and deploy engaging applications by integrating complex environments into intuitive interfaces.

While still not available for Mac OS X, ColdFusion 8 offers expanded support for .NET, Windows Vista and JBoss alongside integration with the latest version of enterprise databases.

ColdFusion 8 is available in two editions: ColdFusion 8 Enterprise Edition costs £3,706 per two computers and is a high-performance solution for delivering multiple websites and applications on one or more servers, or on existing J2EE application server installations. ColdFusion 8 Standard costs £641.95 and is for single applications.

ColdFusion may also be used for development at no cost with the free Developer Edition.