A third of UK businesses don't know who their ISP is, says Consumerchoices.co.uk.

Research by the comparison website revealed that 56 percent of business-owners don't know what the package from their ISP comsists of, despite 80 percent claiming the internet is critical to their business.

Furthermore, more than a quarter (26 percent) of organisations believed they could lose over £250,000 per year if they're left without internet connectivity.

"While the internet is crucial for the survival of UK firms, most do not know what do to in the event their internet connection goes down or even what service levels they are entitled to," said Simon Piper, head of business development at Consumerchoices.co.uk

"Business owners and managers need be more actively involved in selecting their service providers to ensure that they protect their business from revenue loss."

Piper advised firms to find out who their ISP is, so they know who to contact in the event of loss of a connection, as well as discovering what their package includes. He also said firms should be wary of using consumer packages for business purposes.

"Some consumer packages don't allow – or restrict - use for business purposes so ensure to check the small print! Also, business broadband packages are likely to have higher service level commitments, improved contention ratios and a range of other features which consumer packages may not offer."

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