Nearly three quarters (73 percent) of staff will speak to the office via email, text or phone while on holiday, says Origin Storage.

A survey of 1,000 office staff by the storage equipment retailer revealed of these, 54 percent admit to checking their emails at least once a day, despite being on annual leave. Nearly two in five also said checking their emails on holiday left them stressed.

Furthermore, 41 percent of office workers take mobile devices on holiday purely for work purposes and 62 percent expect their employers to contact them while they're away.

More than two in five (44 percent) admit being contactable when away ensures their job remains secure. However, more than half admit to poor security practices such as leaving their laptops totally unsecured without even a password for protection but just over a quarter of these (26 percent) ensure the data on the laptop in encrypted.

"We seem to have changed to a nation of workaholics," said Andy Cordial, MD of Origin Storage. However, Cordial warned that while staff working on their holidays "may seem like a good trend, especially for cash struck organisations" there can be a problem when corporate information is accessed from a mobile device and it's later misplaced. There are consequences," he said.

"Regardless of why it's happening, our advice to the corporate world is: if you expect to contact your staff while away then it is down to you to secure their devices. Take the opportunity to re-evaluate your security - especially of your mobile devices, and perhaps invest in some holiday insurance of your own."