Over 70 percent of British web users have admitted to snooping at their partners' online activity, says Yasni.

Web users are monitoring what their partner gets up to online by being checking out the websites they visit and even the photographs they have been tagged in and the comments they have made on social-networking sites such as Facebook. According to the people search-engine, this has led 54 percent of us to become more suspicious and to question our partner's whereabouts.

The research also revealed that while 48 percent claim they trust their partner, 68 percent admitted they would check their partner's private emails if they knew the password.

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Steffen Ruehl, CEO and co-founder of Yasni recommends that web users should monitor their online reputation.

"People are able to search for their own name and find out what their suspicious partner will have access to online," he said.

"There really is nowhere to hide on the web anymore; especially now that people are so active online, with social networking sites and forums. People can post pictures or inappropriate comments that, when taken out of context, can lead to serious problems at home."

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