More than two thirds (70 percent) of Brits lose their temper if they have to wait longer than a minute for a web page to load, says TalkTalk.

Research by the ISP revealed younger generations have less patience, with a third of 18-24 year olds admitting they expect to wait just 10 seconds for a web page to load, compared to just 10 percent of over 65s.

TalkTalk also said that when being put on hold on the telephone, the average Brit gets annoyed and reaches the 'Point of Impatience' after five minutes and four seconds. Furthermore, most Brits expect a response to a text message or voicemail within 13 minutes and 16 seconds. Any longer than this and we become irrate.

Youngsters are also more likely to show their frustration when getting angry, with 19 of 18-44 year olds claiming to have thrown something when reaching the 'Point of Impatience', compared to just 41 percent of the over 45s.

Mark Schmid, communications director at TalkTalk said: "The speed of the online world is making us less prepared to wait for things to happen in the offline world, causing people to reach the 'Point of Impatience' earlier than ever before.

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