When you've got your stash of music, image and video files safely backed up, you'll want to start showing them off to your friends.

But your friends won't thank you for clogging up their inboxes with large email attachments. Some of the following sites let you share images with friends and the wider web community; others create mini movie trailers and 3D versions of your snaps.

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Flickr is a useful site for storing and sharing photos and videos, but there are plenty of other websites that offer similar features and that don't limit your uploads to 100MB per month.

Zoto offers a pleasingly clean interface, lets you add and share endless photos and have them automatically appear in your blog, forum or website.

You can search by tags and narrow down popular subjects by the age of the photo, its quality and which camera was used to take it.



Photoshop.com is a pared-down version of Adobe's professional image-editing software. The service provides 2GB of online storage for your photos and lets you make basic edits to them.

You can then create slideshows and share them with your friends or other members. The service is currently available only in the US, but you can access it from the UK provided you're prepared to lie about your address. Extra storage space is available from $19 (around £13) per year.



Drop.io is a free service that allows users to dump up to 100MB of various files into a personal folder, then share the URL with family or friends. It's really easy to use, and your friends don't need to be members to view your files.



We like eSnips because it's an online storage resource and social network all-in-one. Sign up to the service and you can immediately access 5GB of free online storage space to which you can save music, videos, images and documents.

You are then able to share your files with friends and family.

Alternatively, you can join one of the hundreds of eSnips communities and share your work with others who have the same interests and passions as you.



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