More than six in ten (62 percent) Facebook users update their status every day, says

Research by the online printer cartridge retailer revealed on average Facebook users spend 32 minutes each day reading updates on the social network from their friends and family. Furthermore, over half (56) percent say on average a status update is roughly two lines long.

CartridgeSave said if all of Facebook's 800 million active users were to update their status once a day for a whole year, it would equate to 292 billion updates. Furthermore, over the course of one year these updates would stretch 584 billion lines and you'd need 11.5 billion sheets of A4 paper to print out these updates, based on a single A4 containing 51 lines of size 11 Arial font. That's the same amount of paper used to create more than 520 million Oxford English Dictionaries.

The online cartridge retailer estimated it takes approximately three minutes to read one sheet of A4 paper, which means it would take 573 million hours to read every status update made in one year. This is the same amount of time it would take to fly around the World 8.5 million times.

Meanwhile, if these updates were printed in black and white, using an average HP Inkjet printer, the ink would cost more than £147m, which equates to the same cost as building two London Eyes.

"This research was great fun to conduct as it really has shown that we are a nation of social media addicts and struggle to go a day without telling our friends or followers what we are getting up to. If we are going to the shops or the gym, we want the world to know about it" said Ian Cowley, managing director of,

"Printing Facebook would be a lengthy process, and it would seem as though it would also be a costly one! I would love to conduct this study in another five years time; who knows where the world of social media will be and what forums we will be updating!"