A website has been set up in honour of John Smeaton, the baggage handler who tackled one of the terrorists during last week’s attack on Glasgow Airport.

Smeaton was on his cigarette break when the flaming jeep smashed into the terminal, and he helped wrestle one of the suspects to the ground.

His efforts are now being championed by a website - John Smeaton: Hero For Our Time – which is encouraging well-wishers to club together and buy him 1,000 pints.

The site has apparently logged over 400,000 page views since Sunday night, and 600 people have each pledged £3 to the cause.

"The country needs to see 1,000 pints lined up, on the bar at the Glasgow Airport Holiday Inn, with John Smeaton’s name on them," says the site. "JohnSmeaton.com will not rest til 1,000 pints are paid for and foaming on that counter."