Sixty percent of Brits have admitted they would be jealous if they found out their neighbour was receiving a faster internet connection, says Top 10 Broadband.

Research by the broadband comparison website also revealed 40 percent won't move to a house that has a poor broadband connection.

With this in mind, Top 10 Broadband has unveiled StretStats - an interactive map that allows web users to discover the speeds broadband providers are offering in different streets in the UK.

Alex Buttle, Director at Top 10 Broadband, said: "Until now broadband speed tests have only let you check your own speed. This is the first time everyone will be able to see what speeds their neighbours are getting and which broadband providers they are signed up to".

StreetStats also allows users see the average speeds offered by a particular provider in any area over the past three, six or 12 months.

Broadband speed test

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