After the news broke that the BBC was considering the possibility of introducing pay-per-view section to the iPlayer - in order to fund the task of making it's huge archive available to the public - we ran a PC Advisor poll to see what our readers thought about this. See: Do you think the BBC should charge for some iPlayer use?

After a whopping 1,453 votes in seven-days, over a quarter (26 percent) of respondents thought that "there shouldn't even be a Licence Fee. The BBC should be commercially funded."

A third of poll participants (33 percent) also demonstrated their displeasure with the BBC, by voting that the BBC shouldn't charge for use of it's iPlayer as the "Licence Fee is already too high". This takes the combined total of people who are unhappy with the current price of the Licence Fee up to 59 percent.

Interestingly nearly one in ten (9 percent) thought the idea of the BBC charging for some iPlayer use was a good idea. Five per cent of these agreed entirely with the proposed method of bringing extra-content to the iPlayer, voting for the "micro-payments are a good way of funding extra BBC content." option. The remaining four per cent, thought that charging for iPlayer use was a good idea selecting "The current situation is unfair because of the varying quality of internet access across the UK" option. A surprisingly small, one percent, of respondents were not sure if it was a good idea or not.

Pollers from all side of the debate decided they wanted to express their opinion in greater detail and took to the PC Advisor forums (as they were encouraged to do so). Carver was one of the more succinct forum posters and his view was "If I had to pay to use iPlayer then I just wouldn't use it, I think the fee is already high enough for the BBC without having to pay extra".

nickcroker had a strong view on the matter too and stood up for the BBC and its Licence Fee, "I think [those] that think the licence fee is too high or should be abolished really don't appreciate how good the output of the BBC is - have they never seen any foreign television" he went on to add "It's not all about money".

A certain Joseph Kerr seemed to be somewhat blasé about our poll saying "I'm not really bothered. If they do, I wont use it, but I find it hard to get excited either way." and forum regular Covergirl was in a particularly sarcastic mood, announcing he "would gladly sell my house and all my possessions to fund the BBC".