Over half of Brits think Lord Carter's demand for a national minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps doesn't go far enough, says Moneysupermarket.com.

Communications Minister Lord Stephen Carter detailed the plan in his Digital Britain report, which was unveiled in January. The report called for minimum speeds to be upped from the current 28.8Kbps.

Research by the comparison website also revealed that 36 percent of UK web users think this plan is likely to fail while 41 percent believe the digital divide of broadband speeds across the country will never be bridged.

James Parker, manager of broadband at moneysupermarket.com, said: "The majority of homes with internet have access to fast services. Ofcom and moneysupermarket.com have both conducted tests that show UK average speeds are above 3Mb. Despite this, the Digital Britain report seems to think 2Mb is a good enough minimum".

Moneysupermarket.com also revealed that over three quarters of Brits think internet access is essential in modern life.

"Supplying every household with the opportunity to receive broadband would go along way to bridging the digital divide. However, market regulation is the key to ensure consumers get a fair deal and are provided with the option to search between a number of providers and packages to suit their needs," added Parker