Half of Brits have stalked an ex online using Facebook or another social networking site, says people search engine Yasni.

Th research by Yasni revealed that women were more likely to look-up a past lover, with 62 percent admitting to searching for an ex, compared to 46 percent of men.

Of those that had searched for an ex online, 57 percent said they did it out of curiosity while 21 percent admitted jealousy was the major driver behind their search. A further 9 percent said they did it because they wouldn't get caught.

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The research also revealed that 97 percent of those surveyed had searched for themselves online to discover exactly what information is available, while 96 percent had looked for information about their friends or family online.

"Curiosity is an interesting thing, it is human nature to investigate. It can make people search for people they may dislike, or people they have had personal relationships with in the past. The fact that so many Brits use the internet and services like ours to provide them with undetectable access to other people's lives is a fact of today's online society," said Steffen Ruehl, CEO of Yasni.

"The only way to ensure people do not access personal information about your life is to ensure that social network profiles are set to private and that any information about yourself online is hidden or deleted."

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