The internet is a mine of information. But with so much web out there to explore, unearthing new gems has become a tricky task. PC Advisor provides an online treasure map.

It's become all but impossible to conduct our lives without reference to Google, BBC News online, Facebook and Wikipedia.

Internet addicts can barely step out of the front door without consulting Yahoo Weather and checking directions using Google Maps or Streetmap.

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We all have our favourite websites, but the internet has so much more to offer. Not only does it offer a multitude of opinions on any given subject, it's a social meeting place, a personal organiser that can handle every aspect of our lives and a safe place to store digital files.

The web wasn't planned this way, of course. The millions of us who frequent it and the technology that allows website developers to add new services can be thanked for the birth of Web 2.0.

Today's web is a constantly updating, dynamic entity, with much content generated and controlled by users through community-style features.

Superior sites can also now pull valuable information from various databases and combine this with localised, GPS-accrued information.

Working out what sites to head to - and those that aren't worth sparing a second of your time - is the inevitable downside of the internet's overwhelming success.

It's estimated that the number of active sites has doubled in the past two years, and that's far more than any of us can keep up with.

It can take hours to trawl through the results of a single Google search, for example.

With this in mind, we went in search of new online tools and destinations that we think are worthy of the trek. Click the links below for our shortlist of websites that you'll never want too far from your fingertips. And remember to bookmark this page to keep them close by.

50 great websites and services for 2009:

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